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Tuition Rates

Infants - 6 weeks - 12 months: Full-Time Rate (4-5 days) $283 per week

One year olds: Full-Time Rate (4-5 days) $278 per week

Two year olds: Full-Time Rate (4-5 days) $272 aper week

Three and Eligible Four-Year Olds: Full-Time Rate (4-5 days) $267 per week

A limited number of child care slots are available to Oklahoma City Public School teachers.

Families contract for a specific weekly schedule as indicated on the Enrollment Agreement Form. Payment for this contracted schedule is required every week year-round whether or not your child attends; this enables us to pay teachers a stable salary every week all year. No credits are given for sick or vacation days, holidays, staff training closure or closure due to inclement weather. However, year-round families may request one annual vacation week. Each child enrolled in the Early Education Center (EEC) is covered by accident insurance during the hours he/she is in our care.

Tuition Deposit

A Tuition Deposit equal to two weeks of care is required at the time of enrollment is confirmed. This deposit is applied to the last week of care provided a two-week written notice is given at the time the child is leaving care. If a two-week written notice is not given when a child is withdrawn from the program, the family will be billed for two weeks of care, one of which will come out of their deposit.


Payment is always due in advance with no deduction for any absences, holidays, or closures due to inclement weather, power outages, or other situations beyond our control. Payment is drafted weekly on Wednesday, as outlined in the Enrollment Agreement. 

A non-refundable enrollment application fee of $50.00 is due upon application. This will not be pro-rated.

An annual non-refundable Supply fee of $100 is due each July 1st. This fee will not be pro-rated.

Methods of Payment

To set up automatic, reoccurring payments please complete the form included in your enrollment packet. If you need to pay by cash, check or money order, please make arrangements with Rainbow Fleet Chief Operations Officer. 

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