Kid Playing with Wooden Toys


Rainbow Fleet's innovative programs and services are made possible through the work of our staff and the invaluable guidance of our dedicated board of directors. Our organization, as well as the children, providers and families we serve, benefits from their talents and their commitment to building a bright future for our community and our state.



President: Miles Pringle, The Bankers Bank

President-Elect: N/A

Secretary: Adrienne Butler, Oklahoma Department of Libraries

Treasurer: Jodie Giocondi, Intrust Bank



Cara Anderson, Sparkle Child Care

Kathy Carey, Montessori Life

Shelley Deck, American Fidelity Corporation

DeLynn Fudge, TSET

Mike Gibson, RSM US LLP

Leslie Hellman, SSM Health

Scott Marsh, The Jones Assembly

Amanda Moon, St. Luke's Child Development Center

Kelly Padgham, Business Strategies

Kelly Pearson, Community Volunteer

Miles Pringle, The Bankers Bank

Lezel Safi, Gilchrist Aviation

Stephen Schreiber, First National Bank & Trust Co. 

Patti Tepper-Rasmussen, the learning tree toys, books & gifts

Becky Roten, Community Leader

Kristin Williamson, Metropolitan Library System


Advisory Director

Carrie Williams, Oklahoma Partnership for School Readiness

Founding Matriarch

Dr. Peggy Loeffler, Rainbow Fleet Founding Matriarch

Chief Executive Officer

Carri Hicks



Daphne Peschl, Director of Operations

Ramona Johnson, Director, Rainbow Fleet Early Education Center

Florencia Briglie, Hispanic Services Coordinator

Randa Wood, CCR&R Coordinator

Jaylyn Ivison, CACFP Coordinator 

Sharon Bates, Office Administrator 

Amanda Waters, Infant Toddler Specialist

Mary Yannuzzi, Child Care Consultant 

Pamela Jenkins, Child Care Consultant

Ashley Nuzum, Child Care Consultant


Alfreda Little, CACFP Monitor

Mari-Kay Brothers, Early Education Center Teacher

Geneva Borders, Early Education Center Teacher

Ime Caldwell, Early Education Center Teacher


Natalie Wood, Early Education Center Teacher


Tammye Harding, Early Education Center Teacher

Persephone Harkins, Early Education Center Teacher

Aletheia Kennedy, Teacher Assistant

Maddie Pitt, Teacher Assistant

Cayla Morgan, Teacher Assistant


Carmella Howard, Teacher Assistant


Cheyenne Haag, Teacher Assistant