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Subsidy Assistance

Child Care Subsidy Benefits FAQ

  • How does DHS help me pay for child care?

  • If eligible, DHS will pay all or part of your child care costs directly to a licensed and contracted child care provider while you work, attend school or training. You may be required to pay a portion of child care costs based on your household income.

  • What ages do my children have to be to qualify for child care benefits?

  • Child care may be approved from birth to age 13. Children with disabilities may qualify up to age 19.

  • How do I apply for Child Care Subsidy benefits?

  • If you previously received benefits from DHS, you may apply by clicking on the Apply for Benefits hyperlink.  If you are a first time user, you will first need to create a user name and password. You may click on the Create User ID hyperlink to do so. 

  • After you submit the online application, you must complete an interview with a DHS worker and answer some additional eligibility questions. If you apply at the DHS office, come prepared to be interviewed the same day. If you apply online and provide a telephone number, the worker will try to contact you to complete the interview by telephone or to arrange an appointment. If the worker is unable to reach you at this number, you will receive a letter scheduling an interview.

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