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There are several types of child care that may be available to you. Each type has advantages, depending on what you want for your child. The two main types of licensed care are child care centers and family child care homes. As you learn about the different types, you may get a feel for what would be most comfortable for your child and for the rest of the family. 

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Our referral specialists help families clarify their needs, make sense of options and become well informed, quality conscious consumers. Tailored referrals are made from up-to-date listings of family child care homes, child care centers, before and after school care, summer activities, and part-time/drop-in preschool programs.

Our referrals will match your needs based on the age of your child, days and hours you need child care, and the location most convenient for you. Rainbow Fleet Resource and Referral provides only referrals –we do not provide recommendations for any particular child care program. As with any decision regarding your children, you as a parent must carefully evaluate your choices and select the child care that you find most appropriate for your child.

Before making child care arrangements, we encourage you

to do the following.



Review our checklist of items to consider when evaluating child care programs. Checklist for Choosing Quality Child Care



Visit more than one program before making a decision. Bring your checklist with you.



Make an appointment with the DHS child care licensing office to view each program’s licensing file. To contact the DHS child care licensing office in your area, click here.



Ask the child care provider about their Star rating. For more information on Oklahoma’s Reaching for the Stars ratings, click here.

For more information, contact our child care referral specialists at 1-800-438-0008.

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