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Interested in working in our new Rainbow Fleet Early Education Center? Fill out the form below and someone from our staff will contact you about employment opportunities. 


The Teacher is responsible for assisting the Director in planning programs or activities, developing a cohesive teaching team, coordinating the curriculum, and managing the day-to-day operational activities of the classroom. Teachers must understand children’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development in order to ensure a safe and stimulating classroom environment where children are actively engaged and encouraged to succeed. The Teacher will assist in the supervision of college students participating in degree program assignments. The Teacher must be skilled in communicating with both children and adults in order to meet the needs of the children, effectively guide teacher assistants, and resolve parental concerns. An employee in this position has a high risk for occupational exposure to human blood or other potentially infectious materials as a result of the performance of the employee’s duties.


This position reports to the Rainbow Fleet Child Development Center Director.

Basic Information

Full Time or Part Time
Are you a citizen of the United States?
If no, are you authorized to work in the United States?
If hired, can you furnish proof of eligibility?
Are you 18 years of age or older?
Can you perform the essential functions of the position for which you are applying?
Have you ever worked or attended school under another name?
Have you ever worked for this organization?
Are you presently employed?
If yes, may we contact your current employer?
Have you ever been fired or asked to resign from a job?
Have you ever been convicted of a felony violation?
If employed by us, do you expect to be employed elsewhere?


Did you graduate?
Did you graduate?
Did you graduate?
Did you graduate?

Employment History

May we contact your previous supervisor for a reference?
May we contact your previous supervisor for a reference?
May we contact your previous supervisor for a reference?

Volunteer Activities and Professional Memberships

Resume and Cover Letter

Cover Letter


I hereby certify that all the information provided in this employment application is true and complete. I understand that false information or the omission of information may disqualify my candidacy and may be grounds for termination.  I further understand that I am applying to a Drug Free Workplace and may be required to submit to testing for the presence of drugs as a condition for employment.  

Thanks for submitting!

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