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Routines and transitions: Tips to ease into your back-to-school routine

Summer days are long but the season is short. It’s already time for back-to-school planning. Whether your young learners are moving to another classroom, starting school or just shifting to a new fall routine, now is the time to prepare for change.

Begin your also-autumn adjustment period with these five tips perfect for August and beyond:

Start with your own new fall routine: Whether you’re headed to work or back home, create a fresh start to the season by implementing a consistent morning routine. Making small changes can streamline your day and cultivate empathy for the children in your care as they transition into something new, too. Put your keys and wallet in a consistent place. Leave any items you need to take under your keys. Set out the next day’s outfit, including shoes.

Outline what to expect: Children of all ages thrive when they know what is happening next, whether getting ready for school or going through the school day. Build a schedule that allows for consistency, with the same activities each day.

Designate space for everyday items: As a caregiver, you will save time and frustration looking for stray articles if everything has a place. Create a single, designated spot to hang up backpacks, store water bottles, jackets or other daily use items. Introduce the idea and consciously establish the habit of storing belongings correctly.

Provide visuals for time management and tasks: Children may struggle to understand how much time is left for an activity. Use a timer for older children or a sand clock (hourglass) for toddlers to give a more concrete sense of minutes remaining for task completion. Likewise, chore charts may work for some children but not others. Consider a magnet-based system or app depending on your needs to avoid rewriting tasks each day.

Give grace: Change is difficult. Allow flexibility with your time and expectations. Give grace to the children and to yourself during this season of transitions.

If you have additional tips to share, email us and we may use your idea for a future social media post!


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