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Three early literacy tips to try this summer and beyond

Whether your young readers include infants, toddlers or school age children, summer reading is an annual tradition that builds skills and lets imaginations soar. Make the most of long summer days to teach in ways that teach the joy of books. From lap sit stories to chapter books, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Use these three tips to make summer reading a breeze:

Keep it short: Attention spans of all ages tend to wane, especially if children are new to reading. Try for two 10-minute sessions and work up to a single 20-minute session or two in a day, depending on interest levels. Don’t force it. There is nothing wrong with taking a break and finishing the story later.

Tap into existing interests: Visit your local library for titles that appeal to the children you know and care about. Our Resource Center also offers books in addition to pre-reading toys and games. Change up titles frequently to add variety alongside everyday staple titles children are familiar with from your classroom or outside of it.

Highlight key literacy skills as you go: Talk about the illustrations and what to observe in them. Point out shapes and colors. Ask rhetorical questions. Mention letter sounds and where to find their repetition throughout the book. Capitalize on curiosity by taking questions as they come up when possible.’s tagline is “There is no app to replace your lap.” No matter what role screens have in your day, take a break together to enjoy a good book. Summer memories have a way of becoming meaningful for what we read, one generation at a time.


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