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Look ahead to summer training: Reserve your spot today in our early childhood education sessions!

Here at Rainbow Fleet, we have served the community for more than 50 years in fulfillment of our mission: providing innovative child development programs and services that enhance quality of life in Oklahoma. Supporting childcare provider education cultivates a community of up-to-date professionals united by latest industry standards. Coordinating development offerings is just one of the ways we help early childhood educators put theory into practice.

We are proud to offer low-cost training opportunities accessible to a broad audience with new topics each month. Online sessions are available, with hands-on topics like CPR presented in-person.

From safe sleep to improved communication and behavior and guidance strategies, our expert childcare coaches present on a variety of relevant issues. Training is formal and can be applied to DHS licensing and STARS requirements.

Please call us at 405-525-3111 or email if you are interested in booking an in person training or would like to speak with a staff member for additional consultation.

We hope to see you at a session soon. Thank you for your support of Rainbow Fleet as we continue to work together for Oklahoma’s future one child at a time.


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