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Spring check-in: Five ways to prepare your classroom for new activities as the seasons change

Teachers everywhere know the drill: Spring Break marks the beginning of the school year’s end but there is so much to do before school’s out for the summer. Early childhood development settings often continue throughout the year, with child care, day camp and seasonal offerings in full swing, which makes preparation even more critical.

Plan for parent communication, new activities and outdoor fun this month and beyond:

Make changes in the classroom: Spring’s rainy days are the perfect time to arrange new decor. Plan activities to reinforce the change of season, like planting seeds or learning about the life cycle. Sort out cubbies to send home winter clothing with a note to request cooler options with warmer weather on the horizon.

Change out sensory bins: Mud, zoo, flower garden, gnomes, rabbits and ducks are just a few ideas to use within sensory bins. Modeling clay, pom-poms, figurines, beans and reflective surfaces like small mirrors or aluminum foil can add to new settings that easily pair with favorite storybooks.

Add new songs to your planned lessons: Bring out old favorites or use YouTube to teach new spring-themed lessons with reinforcement through music. Spring can be an ideal time to incorporate nature themes, Easter fun and more.

Complete your spring cleaning routine: Spring is the perfect time to take classroom inventories and identify any equipment that might need replaced or purchased. It’s also a great time to do deep cleaning in high traffic areas. Make a list and decide how you will proceed with a cleaning schedule.

Redo outdoor spaces: Plan the renewal of outdoor spaces with your teaching team. Spring cleaning may seem obvious indoors but our youngest learners will soon find those forgotten outdoor corners. Bring up what needs to be done and lead a work day to wash, tidy, paint, weed, plant and more.

Spring into summer this month by setting yourself up for success.


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